Ambleside Park Development Committee has assumed responsibility for leading the effort to build a new playground in our amazing community. When the new Dr. Margaret-Ann Armour School was built, a playground was not included in the plans. Hence the need for a new playground.

We are fundraising in partnership with all major stakeholders: Dr. Margaret-Ann Armour School and the Dr. Margaret-Ann Armour Parents Association, residents, The City of Edmonton, various funding and granting agencies and the corporate community.

Ambleside Park Development Committee is a registered non-profit organization. We are led by an elected volunteer board of directors.



Dr. Margaret-Ann Armour School is a K-9 public school that opened in September 2016. There is a YMCA Out of School Care program that is run out of the school building as well as at least 2 additional child care centers that will be built in the area very soon.  


The project will include a playground suitable for children of all ages, as well as any other needed parkland amenities not in place when the school opened.

All community members including those attending the school will benefit from this parkland development initiative.

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