Ambleside Park Concept Plan

This concept plan was developed by a landscape architect based on the feedback gathered from over 200 surveys collected in February 2017. Please see the Needs Assessment Survey results below on this page.

About the Design

The land east of the treeline (right side of the map) is currently not owned by the city, but once it is, it is planned for community use (eg. future community league building, rink, etc.- things like that). The entrance to the park (which cannot go across school property), is the asphalt path you see on the map, which goes towards that area.

Community feedback indicated the need for a spray deck. This is represented as 'Future Spray Deck'. The sewer and plumbing will need to come from the land the city currently does not have access to and it will require funding beyond this project. For now, it was important to include it in the concept plan.

The covered shelter and concrete plaza provides a division between the future spray deck and playground.

There are trees, benches and garbage cans around the playground. The path around the park is multi-use and may appeal to older children as it incorporates some small bumps and a challenge loop with balance beam.

The play pod area that contains the equipment will be multi-surface. Feedback indicated a desire for rubber and this has been addressed. Please note rubber for the whole playground it would almost double the project budget. Multi-surfaces will allow for tactile, creative play throughout the playground.


A concept map does not include specifics about equipment, but choices will be based on feedback from the Needs Assessment. The toddler equipment (required in a City of Edmonton playground) will be located at the west side of the pod with some sand for children to enjoy. Equipment such as spinners will be located on top of the rubber. The wood chip area will contain highly active equipment for community members to enjoy.


Needs Assessment Results

Thank you for the great response to our needs assessment survey!  We received over 205 responses to the online survey open between February and March 2017 (shared on this website, all community Facebook channels and the Greater Windermere Community League), as well as in-person at the Playground Consultation open house held at Dr. Margaret-Ann Armour School on February 23, 2017.  We also gathered feedback from students by having them draw their dream playgrounds (47 drawings total) at the Open House.

The results of the online survey and drawings support the need for school-aged playground equipment at Ambleside Park 9 that can be used for highly active, active and creative/imagination play. There is a desire to have basic amenities such as trees, garbage cans, benches and a covered area with tables. Elements such as a spray deck, bike path and natural elements are also desirable.

The results reflect the needs of the community and when weighted, they provide useful feedback that will allow the committee to specifically prioritize the types of equipment during the design process.

Open Slides, Swings and Monkey Bars are examples of equipment that ranked highest.

The need for a focus on preschool/toddler and adult fitness equipment is not well-established at this time. This could be revisited in the future during future needs assessments.

The open feedback listed specific parks and features respondents enjoy, including spray parks and natural elements in design.


The process for building a playground is driven by the specific needs of our community.


This grassroots effort includes:

Assessing our community’s needs.

Establishing community-level partnerships with the City of Edmonton.

Applying for grants, casinos, bingos etc.

Site design and development.

Selection of playground equipment and materials.

Safety consultation and review.

Construction and ongoing maintenance.

Most importantly, it’s about FUNDRAISING so we can build the playground we want.

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